Firstly my name is actually Kerry Edwards - So why Alice Lucy Art? Alice Lucy was my grandma, my mum’s mum. She sadly passed away when my mum was very young. Alice was only in her thirties, so, I personally never knew her. I made a promise to myself, that if I ever ran my own business, I would name it after her - to include her in my life, even though we had never met.

Before becoming an Artist, I had a professional career in Accounting, working in the City of London and in New York, and latterly as a full time mum to twin girls.

During this time, I had been painting and drawing for many years as a hobbyist, taking classes at Putney School of Art, and selling my work to friends and family.

However In March 2019 I finally plucked up the courage and got a studio at Wimbledon Art Studios, this really, was the beginning of my professional career. Since then I have totally immersed myself in the creation of art and I have enjoyed being in a studio complex, learning from my fellow artists and absorbing all the creative energy that naturally comes from that environment.

Artistically my main focus is wildlife. I am married to a South African, and I have enjoyed several trips to South Africa, during which I have had the pleasure of visiting a few Safari Parks. This is where my love of Big Game Animals stems from.

Me and my husband in South Africa 2000 with a Cheetah!

Whilst my attention may be focused on animals as a subject, I choose to paint them in a variety of bright colours. This is because South Africa is such a colourful place, its people often dress in bright colours, and homes, markets, shops, townships are such vibrant places, you can’t fail to be influenced by it. So, I guess my artwork is an amalgam of the two, South African animals, in the vibrant colour choices of its human inhabitants. It is after all, known as the rainbow nation!

This is where I met a cheetah. Despite the smile, I have never been so frightened! Its purr sounded like a motorbike…..incredible creatures - incidentally the fastest land animal.

So, for the foreseeable future, I shall continue in the same vain, with my focus on my beloved animals in crazy colours!

If you like my work, don’t be afraid to get in touch, it’s always encouraging to hear that people appreciate it.